Pro-Tect Creating and maintaining optimum water conditions in marine aquariums

Product description

The well-being of the aquarium inhabitants depends on the water quality. Adverse water conditions cause stress and impair the well-being of the fish. Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect improves the quality of the water – especially in fish aquariums – through a combination of highly efficient active ingredients, thus improving the well-being of the animals.

The protective colloids it contains protect the sensitive mucous membranes of the fish against pollutants and also promote regeneration. In addition, the toxic heavy metal ions are bound and their consequences neutralised. The additional stabilisation of the pH-value reduces stress for the animals.

Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect also improves the action of the protein skimmer, successfully removing turbidity and organic impurities from the water. It contains iodide to support the active ingredients and prevent iodine deficiency.


  • improves the quality of the water
  • increases the well-being of fish/reduces stress
  • contains colloids to protect the mucous membranes of the fish from pollutants
  • binds/neutralises toxic heavy metal ions
  • stabilises the pH value of the water
  • improves the effect of a protein skimmer
  • contains iodine, the essential trace element
  • is very suitable for acclimatising new fish


Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect contains purified water, polymers and iodide.

Application and dosage

Application & dosage: Add 10 ml per 100 l aquarium water once a week. Pour the liquid into an area of the aquarium with a high current flow. We also recommend changing about 10 % of the aquarium water each week.

Around 10,000 l of aquarium water can be improved with 1,000 ml of Tropic Marin® Pro-Tect.

Other product recommendations

For the vitality of the fish, we also recommend enriching their food with Tropic Marin® Lipo-Garlic and Tropic Marin® Immuvit.