Phytonic - A liquid phytoplankton replacement for sophisticated seawater aquariums

Product description

Tropic Marin® Phytonic is a high-quality plankton substitute to supply plankton filter feeders in saltwater aquariums with all the vital nutrients such as amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

In a gentle process, the nutrients for the filter feeders are digested without heating, ensuring that all vitamins and nutrients are preserved. Tropic Marin® Phytonic is suitable as complete diet.


  • Highly concentrated complete feed for plankton filter feeders.
  • The marine microalgae and yeast contained in the food supply the animals with high quality amino acids, highly unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins
  • Suitable for soft corals, LPS, SPS and other filter feeders.
  • Easy-to-dose liquid solution.





Tropic Marin® Phytonic contains microalgae, brewer’s yeast, glycerine and purified water.

Application and dosage

Using the 50 ml bottle: Shake the bottle well before use. Place the enclosed flexible tube on the syringe and use the syringe to measure the required amount of Tropic Marin® Phytonic. The air which enters the flexible tube and syringe when the syringe is loaded does not influence the amount to be added to the aquarium. The lower edge of the piston always shows the right quantity to be added even if the required volume of Tropic Marin® Phytonic is only in the flexible tube and not in the syringe chamber. The air which is drawn into the syringe helps empty the flexible tube during the addition of the feed to the tank.

Using the 200 ml bottle: Shake the bottle well before use. Turn the pump head to the left until it pops out. One press on the pump head corresponds to 1 ml.

Adding the food to the aquarium: Start with daily doses of 0.1 ml for every 100 l of aquarium volume and increase the quantity as required. To obtain the best possible distribution in the aquarium Tropic Marin® Phytonic should be added to the flow from the pump (several times) each day.

Maximum dose: A daily dose of 0.5 ml per 100 l aquarium volume should not be exceeded. Because of the oxygen consumption the addition of products with organic charcoal should be correspondingly reduced.

Store the bottle firmly closed in a cool, dark place. Cooling prolongs its storage life. Not suitable for human consumption.



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Other product recommendations

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