Fiji Saltwater - Trace elements like in the Fiji Sea

Product description

Tropic Marin® Fiji Saltwater contains precious trace elements found in the depths of the Fiji Sea - where the most beautiful corals grow. The water is produced according to the values in the deep sea under laboratory conditions with high-purity raw materials and is free from environmental pollutants. Tropic Marin® Fiji Saltwater already contains natural bacteria for a perfect microbiology in the aquarium and is ready to use. The nitrifying bacteria helps to reinforce the nitrogen cycle making Tropic Marin® Fiji Saltwater ideal for all salt water aquarium water changes, especially in nano-aquariums. It is the ideal solution for fish, crustaceans and corals.


  • ready to use
  • no weighing and mixing of sea salt
  • quickly creates and reinforces a stable nitrogen cycle
  • laboratory-tested and free of environmental pollutants
  • consistent quality - independent of natural fluctuations
  • optimal calcium, magnesium and KH values


35 ‰ (psu) Salinität • Ca 410 - 430 mg/l • Mg 1250 - 1350 mg/l • Alkalinity 7 - 8 °dH



Application and dosage

Adjust the water to the temperature in the aquarium and then fill as needed.

Other product recommendations

For the care of hard corals we recommend Tropic Marin® All-for-Reef.

The Tropic Marin® Compact Lab is ideal for testing water parameters.