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Original Balling Components

Single components for liquid supply of calcium and alkalinity using the Balling method



Product description

Tropic Marin® Original Balling Components are the three salts used in the Balling method to allow an independent dosage of calcium and carbonates adapted to each individual aquarium.

The three part method adds calcium chloride dihydrate (part A) and sodium carbonate/bicarbonate (part B), while the addition of sodium chloride free sea salt (part C) maintains the crucial ionic balance in the aquarium water. This balanced calcium dosage creates the best conditions for good growth of corals and coralline algae and avoids the inevitable decrease of important elements seen in two part methods.



  • For the individual liquid supply of calcium and alkalinity to compensate possible imbalances in the aquarium.

  • To use the Balling method all three components are necessary: Calcium chloride dihydrate (part A), sodium carbonate/bicarbonate (part B) and sodium chloride free sea salt (part C).

  • All components are available separately in packs of 1 kg/2.2 lbs. or as set (3 x 1 kg).

  • Each single salt component is simply dissolved in RO water.

  • The separate solutions are very stable and can be stored indefinitely.

  • Easy to apply – suitable both for manual dosing and for dosing pumps.

  • Can also be used as part of the Tropic Marin® Bio-Actif System.

  • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with soft corals, LPS and SPS.



The Tropic Marin® Original Components contains:


Part A: Calcium chloride dihydrate (20,000 ppm Ca)

Part B: Sodium carbonate/sodium bicarbonate (2,800 °dH/l)

Part C: Sodium chloride free sea salt (~ 3,350 ppm Mg; ~ 980 ppm K)


Application & Dosage

The three salts (parts A, B and C) are easily dissolved in separate containers of RO water (see table for salt and water quantities) and the resulting solutions are then ready to use. Separately add equal amounts of all three solutions successively to the tank water daily (DO NOT MIX THE SOLUTIONS).

The addition of 1 fl.oz./30 ml of each solution will raise the calcium level of 10 US-gal./35 l by approx. 15 ppm and the alkalinity by 2.2 °dH.

Maximum dose: 2 fl.oz./60 ml per 10 US-gal./35 l of aquarium system volume per day.

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Other product recommendations

For an additional trace element supply, we recommend the solutions K+ Elements and A- Elements from Tropic Marin®.

The very accurate, straightforward Tropic Marin® water tests KH/Alkalinity-Test Professional and Calcium/Magnesium-Combitest Professional are suited for checking the quality of the water and the essential parameters.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.


Container sizes

A: 1 kg/ 35.3 oz. Calciumchlorid-2-hydrat                             Art. Nr. 26522     

B: 1 kg/ 35. 3 oz. Natriumcarbonat/-hydrogencarbonat      Art. Nr. 26524

C: 1 kg/ 35. 3 oz. Natriumchloridfreies Meersalz                  Art. Nr. 26526

Set ABC: 3 x 1 kg/ 35.3 oz. with part A, B, C                         Art. Nr. 26528

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