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Re-Mineral Tropic

For hardening reverse osmosis water and soft tap water with valuable minerals



Product description

In an aquarium, water changes and the topping up of evaporated water frequently take place using reverse osmosis water. However, reverse osmosis not only removes the harmful substances but also valuable minerals. Tropic Marin® Re-Mineral Tropic adds all natural minerals and active ingredients to pure water that are essential for the health and well-being of fish, as well as lush plant growth. The important carbonate hardness is raised to the optimum value and stabilised. It is also suitable for the conditioning of excessively soft tap water and rainwater intended for aquarium use, as well as other soft water.


Due to its purely natural composition, Tropic Marin® Re-Mineral Tropic is recommended for use in particular with sensitive fish and plants.



  • for hardening reverse osmosis water with valuable minerals

  • restores minerals to the water, which are lost during reverse osmosis

  • increases and stabilises the carbonate hardness

  • also suitable for the conditioning of tap water that is too soft

  •  does not contain sodium chloride (table salt)



calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium salts, bicarbonate, trace elements


Application & Dosage

Level the powder of Tropic Marin® Re-Mineral Tropic in the measuring spoon (5 ml/0.17 fl-oz.). Sprinkle one measuring spoonful onto the surface of the reverse osmosis water while stirring the water. Wait for each spoonful to dissolve before adding more Tropic Marin® Re-Mineral Tropic.

One level measuring spoon for 15 l/4 US gal. of water (results in approx. 7 °dH total hardness and raises the alkalinity by approx. 4 °dH).


No nitrates. No phosphates. Without sodium chloride (NaCl).


Other product recommendations

Regularly check the total hardness and carbonate hardness with the Tropic Marin® GH Test or Tropic Marin® KH/Alkalinity Test.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.

Container sizes

250g / 9 oz.                       Art. Nr. 22003


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