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Nutrition for bacteria - Marine biopolymers to enhance
natural microbiological flora


Reef Actif


Product description

For treating aquarium water between water changes.


Tropic Marin® Reef Actif is made up of a mixture of natural organic substances of predominantly marine origin. The biopolymers in Tropic Marin® Reef Actif bind excess nutrients and other pollutants and cause them to be degraded by specialised marine microorganisms. This promotes a natural marine microbiology in the aquarium and keeps the water extremely clear.


By activating the microflora, numerous vitamins and other vital substances are added to the water in a completely natural way. Corals and bivalves open better and reveal all their rich colouring. The fish also benefit from the stable bacterial flora and the prebiotic effect – they develop robustly and show their vitality through flawless colouring and natural behaviour.



  • Ensures constant water conditions between water changes

  • Its double function serves as an adsorbent and as valuable bacterial nutrition in the aquarium

  • Binds nutrients and leads to their conversion by bacteria and other organisms

  • Promotes the breakdown of water pollution by binding water polluting compounds

  • Slow degradation of excess nutrients without consuming the oxygen in the aquarium

  • Improves consistency and continuity of the skimming

  • Increases the vitality and colouring of corals and reef clams



Predominantly marine biopolymers of algae and plants.


Application & Dosage

Add one level measuring spoon of Tropic Marin® Reef Actif to 500 litres/132 US gallons of aquarium water each week. Stir the powder into a small amount of aquarium water and then add it to the aquarium to distribute it as finely as possible.

Maximum dosage: One measuring spoon per 500 litres/132 US gallons of aquarium water three times a week.

Tropic Marin® Reef Actif can be used with all other products of the Tropic Marin® Bio-Actif-System with no concern for overdosing of organic substances.

Other product recommendations

For further colour intensification of the corals, we recommend the trace element solutions Tropic Marin® K+ Elements and A- Elements.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.


Container sizes

60 g/2.1 oz.                  Art. Nr. 24702

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