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Bio-Actif Reactor 5000

Ventilated bioreactor system for reducing nutrient concentrations in aquariums



Product description

Ventilated bioreactor system for reducing the levels of ammonia, nitrate and phosphate using biodegradable substrates in an aerobic, i.e. oxygen-rich, environment. Concurrent production of valuable biomass.

Suitable for aquariums holding up to 1500 liters.



Optimal results are achieved when used in combination with biodegradable NP-Bacto-Tricks specially developed by Tropic Marin®:

  • Lighter and brighter color of corals due to the effective removal of ammonium and other nutrients from the water.

  • Improvement of water quality, so that fishes and corals are more resistant to disease and live longer.

  • Compensation of nutrient fluctuations and increase in biological and chemical stability in the aquarium.

  • Improvement of food supply to diverse organisms within and outside the reactor chamber.




Effective design

  • Air slits and special baffle plates in the cover ensure the required exchange of gas and the supply of oxygen.

  • Reactor capacity for 5 l of material. Water flows around the reactor chamber without channeling, guaranteeing optimum availability of oxygen for microbiological processes of the fill material.

Hence, anaerobic conditions are prevented and ammonium, among other things, is eliminated as quickly as possible.


Space-saving set-up

Due to its compact size, the Bio-Actif Reactor 5000 can be easily positioned over the filter sump or the aquarium. Suitable for universal use.


High degree of safety

Should the filter material become clogged, the water will drain via the integrated safety overflow.


Instructions for use


Other product recommendations

For optimal results, we recommend the use of the specially developed, biodegradable Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.

Container sizes

5 l / 1.3 US-Gal. filter volume                              Art. Nr. 53105

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