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A biodegradable filter medium for biological nitrate and phosphate decomposition.



Product description

Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks are a biodegradable filter medium for effective nitrate and phosphate decomposition in aquariums. Like Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets, they consist of an innovative mixture of biopolymers which promote the settlement and growth of nitrate and phosphate-utilising bacteria and other aerobic micro-organisms. The biomass produced during the decomposition of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks is flushed into the aquarium by the flow of water where it is available as a high-quality foodstuff for corals and other filer feeders or it can be skimmed off.

The Tropic Marin® Bio-Actif Reactor 5000 which was specially developed for the use of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks ensures that the microorganisms receive the optimal oxygen supply for the decomposition of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks.



  • Easy-to-use trickle filter media for the effective removal of nitrate and phosphate

  • ue to the compact size, it is suitable for ventilated bioreactor systems (e.g. Tropic Marin® Bio-Actif Reactor 5000)

  • Made of natural biopolymers, which promote the colonization and growth of nitrate and phosphate removing bacteria as well as other aerobic microorganisms

  • The valuable biomass is then made available as a food source for filter feeders or can be skimmed off

  • Allows corals to show their brightest and most vibrant colors while also be able to grow vigorously

  • The bacterial colonization starts very quickly and then occurs on an on-going basis



Mixture of natural biopolymers


Application & Dosage

Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks must be used in a pellet filter with an adequate oxygen supply. The Tropic Marin® Bio-Actif Reactor 5000, which ensures the optimal oxygen supply for the reduction of the nutrients, was therefore specially developed for the use of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks.

Start with 100 ml of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks per 100 l of aquarium content. If necessary, double the amount of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto- Tricks after 4 weeks. A maximum quantity of 400 ml per 100 l should not be exceeded. Carefully skimming the aquarium water helps the removal of any excess biomass formed and therefore the elimination of nitrates and phosphates from the aquarium. The outlet of the ventilated bio-reactor should be placed near the skimmer inlet to achieve this.

If Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks should stick together during the decomposition process or as a result of the entry of turbidity agents from the aquarium, the Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks can be washed in a plastic container with aquarium water and replaced loosely into the filter. We recommend supplementing consumed material every month.


Other product recommendations

Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Balance is the ideal complement to Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Tricks for controlled nutrient reduction.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.

Container sizes

2000 ml / 0.5 US-gal.                  Art. Nr. 25724                                               

5000 ml / 1.3 US-gal.                  Art. Nr. 25726

10.000 ml / 2.6 US-gal.               Art. Nr. 25728



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