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A plankton replacement for stony corals and other zooplankton filter feeders



Product description

Like fish, corals and other filter feeders also need nutrients for their growth and well-being. Natural zooplankton is an important source of energy and nutrients for stony corals and other plankton filter feeders. In the sea zooplankton move mainly at night from deeper water levels into the habitat of reef corals. In the reef aquarium it is important to provide this natural abundance of plankton to the corals as closely as possible to the way it occurs in Nature.


Tropic Marin® Zooton is a balanced plankton replacement for stony corals, particularly small polyp stony corals and other plankton filter feeders in the sea water aquarium. It consists in the main of selected animal and vegetable marine ingredients rich in trace elements and minerals. Spirulina, one of the ingredients, supplies large amounts of carotinoids amongst other things and, in combination with brewer's yeast, covers the requirement for natural B group vitamins, particularly vitamin B12.



  • A plankton replacement for small polyp stony corals and other zooplankton filter feeders
  • With selected marine ingredients rich in trace elements and minerals

  • For energy supply and coral growth

  • Rich in carotinoids and vitamin B12

Shrimp and shrimp by-products, algae, brewer's yeast, spirulina.

Additives: Cellulose 10%, betaine 25g/kg, vitamin B12 100mg/kg




Application & Dosage

Add one measuring scoop of Tropic Marin® Zooton for every 200 to 500 litres of aquarium volume twice per day. To do this, first stir the appropriate quantity of Tropic Marin® Zooton into some aquarium water in a mug and allow to soften for a short time. Slowly add the food prepared in this way to the aquarium water so that it can be ingested by the animals.

Not suitable for human consumption.


Other product recommendations

To enhance the feed we recommend the addition of 1 drop of Tropic Marin® Lipovit for every two measuring scoops of Tropic Marin® Zooton. In connection with Tropic Marin® Reef Snow larger flakes can be formed.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about this product can be found in our FAQ section.

 Container sizes

 60 g/ 2.1 oz.                          Art.Nr. 24602    

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